The biggest problem with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The review of dragon ball kakarot that you will not find anywhere else

As someone who is a life long Dragon Ball Z fan, I felt it was my duty to give my thoughts on the new game. What took me so long? I wanted to really think long and hard about what I wanted to say.

The first thing I want to say is that Dragon Ball Kakarot is by no means a bad game. The biggest issue here is that there is so much they could have done with the game. Especially with the direction they tried to go with it. Unfortunately, they failed miserably in what they were trying to accomplish.

Kakarot was an attempt to take Dragon Ball Z to the current generation under a more RPG genre. We ended up getting the same old thing we’ve gotten a million times before. Granted, they did a lot of things better than previous games. Even though the level up system might as well not have even existed. The game was way too easy. Sure, they could add difficulty modes in feature updates, but it doesn’t fix the overall problem with the product we’ve been given.

Kakarot was a half fast RPG because they really had no idea what they wanted out of this game. If they wanted a real Dragon Ball RPG they should have done it the right way. Create a SERIES of games starting with the original Dragon Ball and go all the way to Super. This gives enough time for a real story/character development in each game. Giving great detail to all the important stories.

That is something that has never been done before in Dragon Ball. A real RPG in this generation that has a real game for all Dragon Ball timelines. Imagine a Final Fantasy-esque game where you’re walking around freely in huge worlds and you level up by fighting certain villains. Along the way you fight real bosses. With a game that has a real story and cut scenes.

Imagine fighting an evil King Piccolo and General Tao. Along with the other Z fighters who weren’t friends with Goku back in original Dragon Ball. After that game sells well you can move on to Dragon Ball Z. I would actually split that into TWO games because it’s so huge that you would have time to properly give each story some development. End the first game with Frieza. The second game can be where Buu ends.

It would actually help that all you had was the Cell/Android saga and the Buu saga for the second game because it gives you a whole game to stretch out those stories. Instead of what we always get, which is barely seeing first form cell, and going straight into perfect cell because “we gotta rush the story”.

Especially the Android saga, which is the most underrated. I want real emotion from the games. Show me why these bad guys are so feared. Show me why Goku wants to stop them. Show me some of the good side to some of these “bad” characters. Every DBZ game is cut and dry. There is only emotion for the most important parts of the show, but aside from one or two scenes where Goku gets emotional that’s all we get.

The androids were never really bad people. Yet, every DBZ game just shows them wanting to kill us without ever really explaining what’s going on and who they are. Once you learn their story you kind of feel bad for them. It’s why 17 and 18 were liked after the saga. People could understand and connect with them.

Same with Cell. Every game just portrays him as a killing machine, but there’s more to it than that. He is made up of cells from many of the Z fighters. Fighting is in his blood. There are many times in the show where Cell actually shows mercy to the fighters and other people in the world because he just wants to prove that he is the best fighter. Why do you think he decided to hold a tournament rather than just killing everyone right away? The only reason he killed people prior to his perfect form is because he wanted to get stronger. he had to absorb people to transform.

Explain all of these back stories. Show everyone why we should care about these characters. We always get just a very copy and paste format. It sucks. Give us something new.

Super might be the best one. We’ve never had a Super game yet. At least not in an RPG story mode fashion. Going all the way from Beerus to the tournament of power? I think that would be really cool. This is where the idea for Kakarot fell apart. They’ve already done DBZ again. It’s a little too late for them to go back to the drawing board. The rebirth of a franchise that could have been. Makes me sad to know this will not happen anytime soon, if ever.

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Why Jenna Marbles is my favorite person ever

what makes jenna marbles a great person

Over the past week or so I’ve been making it a habit to go back and watch old videos of Jenna Marbles before I fall asleep. It’s sent me down a rabbit hole that I’ve been enjoying.

I have been a fan of Jenna Marbles for many years. I think it’s because she reminds me a lot of myself, but also it’s cause her content is just awesome. There are many reasons why I love Jenna Marbles more than anybody else on social media and I’m going to explain why in this article.

Growing and maturing. This is one of the main reasons I love her and it’s something that her and I have in common. If you go back and watch her really old videos you’ll notice that it’s a completely different Jenna. She’s loud, obnoxious, and honestly…kinda mean. Even if she never meant to be. Even Jenna herself has said this is why she hates going back to watch old videos of herself.

she used to think that swearing and offensive jokes were what people wanted to see. So she gave the people what they wanted. This is very similar to how I used to be. I used to be a much more offensive person, but over the years I’ve learned from past mistakes. I always talk about how I used to use the word gay as an insult to anyone I just didn’t like. Or even as a joke with my friends. I would never do that anymore because I’ve learned that it’s not okay to do that.

We learn from past mistakes and try to be better people. Not everyone is capable or even wants to do that. I worked very hard to change from the person I used to be. I didn’t want to be an angry, offensive, person anymore.

No clickbait. Again, this is something Jenna and I have in common which is why I respect this so much. It’s easy to clickbait just to get views. It’s easy to turn into a drama channel and use others for clout. Jenna has always stayed in her lane and did whatever she felt like doing. She doesn’t monetize her videos. She doesn’t start shit with anybody. She’s just a wholesome person making videos out of love.

It’s obvious that she doesn’t do it for views or money. This is much like me and I don’t see it a lot from people. Everyone clickbaits normally. People always tells me “If you do it this way you’ll get more views” or “If you do it this way you’ll get more money”. I don’t care about those. I do this for fun. Because I genuinely love what I do. This is the same mindset Jenna has that I appreciate. Especially from somebody who has a very large audience.

She’s as real as it gets. It’s easy to create an online persona for one reason or another. Jenna talks about real things and says exactly what is on her mind. When she makes a mistake she’ll apologize. 99% of Youtubers don’t know what an apology is because it’s so easy to hide behind a fake persona online. You never have to hold yourself accountable.

It wasn’t too long ago (maybe a few months) where Jenna apologized for reading other peoples Reddit stories. She wasn’t thinking about how these stories were from other people’s hard work. She didn’t wait until there was a backlash or wait until people called her out on it. She genuinely realized that making a video reading Reddit stories was still stealing from other people.

How many people do you know online that steal content? Reaction videos. Blogs with stolen pictures. People rarely apologize. It’s nice that Jenna actually thinks about other people before herself. This is what makes her an awesome person.

The best part about Jenna’s apologies is that they mean something. She doesn’t apologize and then keep doing the same thing over and over. She actually learns and uses the mistake to become a better person. Remember the hour long apology video about her fish? Ya.

Personality. Jenna is one of the funniest people I know on social media. Her brain works in mysterious ways. She’ll come up with the most ridiculous video ideas you’ve ever heard, but somehow it works. Who wakes up one day and thinks “I’m gonna turn my hair into a hot wheels track”? Jenna. That’s who. She has many memes and has created memorable catchphrases like “hell yea” and “I’m a virgo!”

Her personality is infectious. On top of being genuinely funny, she is just a down to earth person. She mostly speaks in a low tone on the Jenna Julien podcast. Many times she’s just chilling in sweats with little to no makeup on. She’s a very laid back person.

She’s kind. In a world where it’s getting harder to find people who are genuinely nice and inspirational, it’s refreshing that someone like Jenna exists. It’s easy to let fame and popularity get to someone’s head but Jenna has maintained a sweet, kind, caring, attitude. She cares about the people around her and the people that watch her videos.

She doesn’t go around flagging everyone that uses her videos or pictures. She doesn’t take legal action against people. She understands that people just want to support her. She doesn’t feel the need to go around bullying everyone and abusing her power.

This is my article on why Jenna Marbles will always be my favorite person. Even if one day she decides to leave social media forever and quits making videos. I will always think of her and remember all the amazing years she has given us. It’s hard to forget somebody who has personally influenced me to be a better person. Jenna is one of the main reasons I became a more positive and happy person. That is something I will never forget. Thank you, Jenna. Or should I say….Thank you beeeeech!