Mystery Incorporated is coming

a new scooby doo live action show is coming soon

I was pleasantly surprised when Dayeanne Hutton, an actor who I’ve been following for years, tweeted out that she and other people were working on a new show called Mystery Incorporated. Which is based on the Scooby Doo universe that we’ve all grown to love all these years.

I was excited. Not just because I think Dayeanne is an amazing actress (and highly underrated), but THEIR idea of a more dark take on Scooby Doo is something that peaks my interest.

At the end of this article I will link their Indiegogo where you can help donate. I will also link you to their Youtube channel where you can check out how cool this idea looks. I don’t feel comfortable stealing content that isn’t mine. It’s only fair that you head over to their channel and see for yourself why this could end up being amazing.

What is Mystery Incorporated? It’s going to be inspired by shows like Riverdale and Supernatural. Which is where the darker turn comes into play. A live action Scooby Doo isn’t exactly a new idea. However, that movie was a kids family movie. Which makes sense because Scooby Doo was always a kids show.

When I think of this version of Scooby Doo, I imagine a Sabrina The Teenage Witch vibe. Where you have a hugely popular kids show that gets transformed into something much darker, which gains even more popularity. Trying to make monsters feel real isn’t exactly an easy task. Sabrina showed us that it actually can be done well. I was skeptical before that show was released, but they proved me wrong. We could have a similar situation here. A dark take on a kids show could be awesome if done right.

After watching their video on Youtube, and hearing the director talk about Mystery Incorporated, it’s clear that he had a vision for what he wanted. I wasn’t hearing ‘This would be kinda cool” or “That might be cool to do”. He knew exactly the story he wanted to bring to life. He knew what he wanted the characters to be like.

I don’t know Dante Yore’s previous work, but he seems like a very good director. His confidence made me feel even better. How is an audience supposed to believe in something if the people behind it aren’t fully believing in it?

The cast choice for this show is really good. Chris Villain seems like he could be a really funny Shaggy. Jessica Chancellor as Daphne seems great. Dayeanne really brings out the annoying side of Velma. I never really thought about how annoying Velma would be if she was an actual person. Now I know. Dade Elza is what I can imagine a real Fred to be like. He’s a handsome dude, pretty gutsy, and it’s only a matter of time before him and Daphne hook up on the show. I’m calling it now.

You can check out Mystery Incorporated down below. Help donate and support them.

Hey world, It’s kate – Episode one first act

A young lesbian woman chases her dream of being an actor.

I have officially written the first act of my screenplay, which you can read below by clicking the link. I have decided to break up the script for you in 3 parts of a single episode. That way you guys don’t get overwhelmed when I send 40+ pages. I feel like it’s easier to digest it into 3 parts.

Hey world, it’s Kate deals with bullying, LGBT, mental health, romance, and so many more things. The premise of the show is for her to chase her dreams as an actor but this episode is really telling the backstory of Kate who, as of right now, doesn’t realize she wants to be an actor. By the end of episode you will understand the change in her. The characters you get to meet in Act 1 will make you happy, angry, sad. The idea is for kate to be someone we all see ourselves in. We all deal with the things that Kate is dealing with so we understand why she is the way she is.

Enjoy the episode!

Hey world, it’s Kate actual script (1)


Hey world, it’s Kate

Many people have been asking why I slowed down the content on my website. I’ve spent about two weeks just thinking of ideas for a screenplay script I wanted to write. As always, I just write for myself. I don’t expect anyone to even read it. I just wanted something I can read for myself and be proud of.

However, I realize it might be fun to write something that (hopefully) everybody can enjoy. I am by no means a professional screenplay writer. I’ve always just done these for fun. I have hundreds sitting on my computer that nobody has ever seen, except a few close friends.

So, I spent two weeks writing out every single detail I can think of for good screenplay ideas. Characters, story, plot. I’ve had some interesting ideas but when I really thought about the longevity of those scripts I didn’t see myself being able to write multiple episodes and still keep it interesting. But then there came Kate!

I have created a script titled “Hey world, it’s Kate”. It’s about a young lesbian woman who is trying to live out her dream of being an actor. The script starts off with her being bullied in high school. Another female classmate pretends to be into her and leans in for a kiss when she dumps her soda over Kate and a third, male, schoolmate takes a photo of Kate. They threaten to send the photo all over school. Kate cries and runs out of school.

The story then skips to 5 years later, where Kate is seen making vlog videos online. Starting her videos by saying “Hey world, it’s Kate!”. The first episode is where Kate first discovers that she wants to do acting

I will spare further details as to not give too much away, but I know people will fall in love with Kate. She has a fun, bubbly personality. She’s kind, caring, and motivated. The story will be focused on LGBT, bullying, and dealing with everyday life struggles that many others go through. I really feel like Kate is somebody that we all want to root for because we see ourselves in Kate.


WORK HARD for your goals

a message about how to achieve your dream job

I have an important message that I wanted to share today because I saw this on my Twitter timeline.

There are many people out there who just want things handed to them. They don’t really want to put in the work. I have perfected multiple crafts my entire life because I just love to learn different things. But, I’ve studied them my entire 30 year life. I have friends, family, colleagues that have come to me and said “Well, I think I’ll do that.” as if they can create a business in a day like it’s a lego set.

I don’t have social media presence. I don’t claim to be a billionaire. I have, however, been self employed and lived by myself for about 10 years now. I’ve done pretty well for myself. That’s because I worked hard to get to where I am. It’s okay to discover something new and genuinely want to learn it. It’s another to just expect to jump right into a career, without any knowledge.

I have been an actor, taking real acting classes. Spent $3’000. I have been a freelance writer, taking MULTIPLE writing courses. I am STILL taking courses, even though I’ve been writing my whole life. I have worked in the music industry. I took many courses to study many things about music. Writing lyrics, artist management, video editing, social media management, etc. I am currently taking a Photoshop Boot Camp course so I can learn digital art, illustrations, how to create business cards, how to edit photos, etc.

I have spent my whole life learning and studying. I didn’t just wake up and say “I’m gonna be an actor” and expect to be a guest on the Ellen DeGeneres show.

when I worked in the music industry I used to tell musicians one thing that would help them forever. If there ever comes a day where you haven’t learned something new then you need to quit. You should ALWAYS be learning something. 30 years and I still take courses daily, to educate myself. Udemy and Coursera are two websites that will be your best friend. Udemy is a much cheaper option, for those who are tight on cash. Coursera is more University certified courses and more expensive.

If you genuinely want to learn a craft then please put in the work. I’ve done podcasting and radio for years and still couldn’t do voice acting. If you think you can just jump into voice acting without studying the craft then you’ve already failed. This applies to any career you want to pursue. You have to work. Study. I’m not saying you have to be the best of the best. But, you have to respect the craft enough to want to learn. I know for me personally, I find it kind of insulting when people tell me they can just wake up and do what took me 30 years to do. It’s like they’re throwing all my hard work out the window and taking me for a fool. They might not mean it that way, but that’s how it comes across. Same goes for the voice actors when they are told from people “I can do this with no experience”. You’re kind of insulting them. Please, respect the craft. Put in the effort and results will come.