Short film ‘Blow Out’ shows us that balloons are terrifying!

review of the short film blow out

As you guys know, I’m a huge fan of short films. I recently came across one that I had to tell you guys about. A short film called Blow Out has made me feel a roller coaster of emotions. I think it’s important for you guys to see it for yourself because it’s incredibly hard to describe this chaotic and bizarre film.

Blow Out classifies itself as a horror comedy. On the surface, it’s about balloons. This young woman, played by Michelle Alexander, is sitting in her room when she gets a knock on the door. It ends up being a balloon. That’s right. At first she has a dance party with this balloon and then it just becomes really creepy.

The music changes. The video gets warped and blurry. Even before the film continued and it was just 30 seconds into the movie I was creeped out. I didn’t know why. You would think something like a balloon would just make me burst out in laughter at the silliness. But, there was something strange going on. Kudos to the director.

This woman ends up puking in the bathroom at one point. After popping the balloon she gets another knock on her bathroom door. This time it’s a bunch of angry balloons. What!? Eventually the original balloon that she had popped earlier comes back for revenge and the movie ends.

Here is why an idea seemingly this simple is so good. When you don’t think much about it…It’s just a movie about balloons, right? Maybe not. I feel like there is something more sinister going on here when I really think about it.

What I really love about art is that everyone interprets it differently. Everyone sees something different. That to me is the beauty of what I see here. Is this really just a goofy little movie about balloons coming alive? Perhaps. Or perhaps there is a much darker hidden message.

There are so many thoughts in my head of what could possibly be going on in this movie. Let’s start with my first theory.

She is drunk. It’s quite possible that she is actually at some kind of party and is drunk. Perhaps the “balloons” are people. Maybe they’re just other people at the party minding their own business. Maybe they’re people at the party actually trying to cause harm to her. When the video gets all blurry and distorted that could possibly be a sign that she is drunk and is in danger or feels that she is in danger.

Reliving a past childhood trauma. Perhaps this is her distorted memory of a past trauma during a birthday party when she was a kid. For one reason or another, maybe something happened that day to make her afraid of that day again.

Mental Illness. it’s also quite possible that she is having some kind of episode from a mental illness. Perhaps schizophrenia.

There are many different things that could be going on here. I will link you to where you can watch the short film and see for yourself. Maybe you can come up with your own conclusion on what is going on.

Smell my shoes

Some people enjoy the finer things in life. A fine glass of wine. Sitting in a hot tub. Me? I’ve always enjoyed shoes. Ever since I was a little boy, I knew one day I would make people smell my shoes. I started up my own shoe business. So far I have 3 customers. My mom, my grandma and some drunk guy who thought they were earrings.

I’m about to head into the biggest business meeting of my life. This could make or break my business. I couldn’t afford a suit and tie so I’m wearing my pajamas and a football jersey. They’re comfortable, alright? I mean, who am I? Bill Gates? Has Bill Gates ever made his own shoes? Exactly.

“Ladies and gentlemen. We are gathered here today to celebrate the life and times of my shoes. BEHOLD!” It was at that moment I held up my shoes for everyone to see. Somehow, I don’t think they were able to see anything at all. This is what I get for having a business meeting in a retirement home.

“I know you’re thinking to yourself ‘Wow, that is a sexy pair of shoes.’ and you’d be right. This isn’t just any pair of shoes. These shoes will grant you any wish in the world. You want a new car? BAM! These shoes will make it happen. You want to go out with that hot new receptionist at the hotel? BAM! These shoes have got you covered.”

I stopped to look at this old dude in the back who was falling asleep. “Hey! Old geezer! You want to sleep? You’ll have plenty of time for that when you’re dead. Until then, you listen to what I have to say! Capeesh!? You know what? I am just going to pack up my things and leave! Have fun going outside in your old people shoes that are falling apart!” I quickly packed up my stuff and started to storm off. I slammed the door on the way out. But, I slowly went back inside to place my business card on the table.