Mystery Incorporated is coming

a new scooby doo live action show is coming soon

I was pleasantly surprised when Dayeanne Hutton, an actor who I’ve been following for years, tweeted out that she and other people were working on a new show called Mystery Incorporated. Which is based on the Scooby Doo universe that we’ve all grown to love all these years.

I was excited. Not just because I think Dayeanne is an amazing actress (and highly underrated), but THEIR idea of a more dark take on Scooby Doo is something that peaks my interest.

At the end of this article I will link their Indiegogo where you can help donate. I will also link you to their Youtube channel where you can check out how cool this idea looks. I don’t feel comfortable stealing content that isn’t mine. It’s only fair that you head over to their channel and see for yourself why this could end up being amazing.

What is Mystery Incorporated? It’s going to be inspired by shows like Riverdale and Supernatural. Which is where the darker turn comes into play. A live action Scooby Doo isn’t exactly a new idea. However, that movie was a kids family movie. Which makes sense because Scooby Doo was always a kids show.

When I think of this version of Scooby Doo, I imagine a Sabrina The Teenage Witch vibe. Where you have a hugely popular kids show that gets transformed into something much darker, which gains even more popularity. Trying to make monsters feel real isn’t exactly an easy task. Sabrina showed us that it actually can be done well. I was skeptical before that show was released, but they proved me wrong. We could have a similar situation here. A dark take on a kids show could be awesome if done right.

After watching their video on Youtube, and hearing the director talk about Mystery Incorporated, it’s clear that he had a vision for what he wanted. I wasn’t hearing ‘This would be kinda cool” or “That might be cool to do”. He knew exactly the story he wanted to bring to life. He knew what he wanted the characters to be like.

I don’t know Dante Yore’s previous work, but he seems like a very good director. His confidence made me feel even better. How is an audience supposed to believe in something if the people behind it aren’t fully believing in it?

The cast choice for this show is really good. Chris Villain seems like he could be a really funny Shaggy. Jessica Chancellor as Daphne seems great. Dayeanne really brings out the annoying side of Velma. I never really thought about how annoying Velma would be if she was an actual person. Now I know. Dade Elza is what I can imagine a real Fred to be like. He’s a handsome dude, pretty gutsy, and it’s only a matter of time before him and Daphne hook up on the show. I’m calling it now.

You can check out Mystery Incorporated down below. Help donate and support them.

A writing guide for writers with no experience

a writing guide for new writers in 2020

A lot of people think that writing requires you to know the ins and outs of all proper grammar and punctuation. It’s not as intimidating as that. Sure, the more that you know it will help you in the long run. But writing in 2020 is much different than it used to be. The business is constantly evolving. You really don’t have to be very good to get started, and even make some decent money. You can do your own thing and don’t have to rely on a prayer that you might get published.

The first thing I recommend is to be your own person. It’s okay to learn how to write better through reading other people’s stuff, but don’t copy what everyone else is doing because the world doesn’t need a copy. The world needs you.

I’ve always prided myself on being different from everyone else. How so? I don’t clickbait. I don’t spam links. I don’t sound like a robot on social media. I don’t start drama with others just to get people talking about me. I spread inspirational messages as much as I can. I also do podcasting so people can know the person behind the keyboard.

Truthfully, I’m not a great writer. Yet, I’ve been self employed for about 10 years doing this. So I know for a fact that if I can do it then you guys can do it!

Start with your own blog website. Anybody can start a blog. There is no requirement for you to have amazing grammar. You will get better over time. Find which one you like best. I can give you recommendations based on my experience.

Blogger is the bottom of the barrel as far as blog websites go. If you’re new and don’t have any experience, this could be a good website for you to start. You will quickly realize that it has many restrictions, though. Literally all you can do is write a blog.

WordPress is my favorite one, clearly. You can start with a free account and once you want to do more things you have an option to pay for higher upgrades. You must pay for a full year in advance, though. WordPress is good for both hobbies and businesses. You can upload full videos and audio. You also get customized website designs. So many things.

Wix I have used Wix before and it’s also pretty good but differs from WordPress. What I like about Wix is that you have an option to pay monthly for plans, instead of paying for a full year in advance. Wix heavily allows you to build a website from scratch. This requires you to know a bit about creating websites. Which is why it wasn’t for me, but it’s very cool if you want more of a say in how your website looks. WordPress does it for you. You just choose which theme you want and you’re all set. Wix does create pre-built themes, but they are awful. They give you absolute bare minimum. So, you’re better to figure out how to create it from scratch

Once you have gotten used to writing on these websites then you should create other social medias to promote your website content. Once you have some blogs and articles written you can start looking for real freelance work. When you try applying for writing gigs you’re going to need samples of your work. Nobody is going to pay you money if you have nothing to show. This is why it’s important to have a website and blogs ready to go. You’ll have a ton of stuff you can send people to check out your work and show them what you can do.

I started on a website called which is where you can sell services. In your case it would be writing stuff for other people. Create an account on there. Set up a Paypal account so you can get paid. Create something to sell others. “I will write an article for $10”. Eventually you’ll have people wanting to hire you.

Once you have some serious work on your website and you get good reviews on Fiverr then you can start submitting your work for more serious jobs. A lot of magazines are looking for writers. There are thousands of online magazines. Twitter is your best friend as a writer. If you do not have a Twitter you’re not going to get far. Unless you’re the second coming of Stephen King you’re not going to write some blogs and get famous. Twitter is the best place to look for work.

Create a Twitter. Learn to use it. Always use the search bar! That is where you will find thousands of people looking for a writer to hire. I usually type something like “looking for writer”. It will search anyone who typed in those words. You will find people who have said they’re looking for a writer. All you have to do is pick and choose. Keep in mind not to spam! Don’t fill your whole Twitter page with you telling people you want to write for them.

You better love working for free! Writing is not a get rich fast career. Always offer to write stuff for people at no charge. Again, magazines are your friend. Thousands of online magazines are looking writers and most of them don’t pay. You better beg them to accept your article or blog. The more things you do for free the more your name will get out into the world. “Oh, this person writes stuff for free? That’s cool! I can always rely on them!” Next thing you know you have regular people coming back to you. Eventually they might pay you when they realize you’re not all about the money. People respect that. Respect goes a long way. Even though you didn’t get paid, you have something to put on your resume.

Learning never ends. I’ve been writing my whole life. Since I was like 5 years old. I still take online courses every day for my writing. There’s always something to learn. There are always new ways to write my stories and do things the way I like. I’ll never be good and that’s okay. It would be boring if I had nothing left to learn.

I believe I have covered everything. If you guys have further questions then feel free to send me a tweet @mystoriousstories on Twitter. Or email me at

The best decision you will ever make

I have been thinking for awhile now about how to give back to all you amazing people who have been supporting me lately. People like these:

and that’s just some from the past week or so. I have decided to create a Patreon where you guys can get special perks just for supporting me. Here is what you can get for just a few dollars more.

  • early access to blogs
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So, if you love the stories I write then feel free to head over to and get all the Mystorious content you could ever want. Fictional stories, screenplays, podcasts talking about whatever we feel like, blogs about mental health, LGBT, news topics, some comedy. The possibilities are endless!

Hey world, it’s Kate Episode one Act TWO

ACT TWO of Hey world it’s kate!

I have just finished ACT TWO of episode one. Skip to page 8 if you’ve already read act one. Otherwise, you can simply read everything. Act 3 might not be until a month or two because of the holidays coming up. I apologize in advance, but I once again want to thank everyone for their support. People all over the world and even actors have praised “Hey world, it’s Kate”. I did not expect the overwhelming response. Thank you and enjoy! Please don’t forget about Kate during the hiatus of the screenplay. The episode WILL be finished!

Hey world, it’s Kate actual script (2)